True Blue

Asa Baurle, Multimedia Journalist

People that visit have called it a museum, to Helen Jackie Yates it’s home.

Mrs. Yates has been a lifelong fan of Georgia Southern and their athletic programs even before graduating from the university in 1957.

“I go to all the games. I have season tickets for everything. Just a big supporter. And wear nothing but blue and white to a ball game,” said Mrs. Yates

Interacting with athletes from different sports is something Mrs. Yates has done for decades. Building relationships and having a positive impact on their lives. Is a part of her life she prides herself on. 

“Well I am a mom to some of the players. I don’t have children of my own. So it seems natural to sort of love them,” explained Yates

While Yates supports all GSU athletics, basketball holds a special place in heart.

Mrs. Yates has yet to miss a men’s basketball home game since 1986. even with last year’s COVID-19 regulations in effect.  

“Just being there to support the kids. That’s the motivation. They need fans and they know where I sit,” said Yates.

Win or lose she says that it should be more about supporting the players. That’s the kind of impact Mrs. Yates hopes to leave on the university.

“It’s a legacy that I can give to a lot of other people’s children, is a lot of love and just being there for them,” said Yates.