Beach Bash blast


By Julianne Field, Staff Writer

Armstrong kicked off the 2014 school year with the annual Beach Bash celebration Aug. 22. The event was hosted by the Campus Union Board, and is held to welcome in freshman students who are new to Armstrong as well as welcome back returning upperclassmen.

Students filled the Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion for fun, food and freebies. A live DJ performed as people mingled in the pavilion and students caught up with friends and encountered fellow classmates for the first time.

With their pirate card, students were given a t-shirt, sunglasses, sunscreen, a personally customized water bottle and best of all a meal ticket for a hot lunch. For sophomore Maddie Batey, her first year attending the event was better than she expected. “This is great so far, there’s a lot of music and the food is actually good! I can’t wait to hit the water.”

Batey, like many others, commutes to campus, which can make getting to know people a bit of a challenge. Throw in work schedules and family needs and a student could go an entire semester without socializing, making class harder to get through. School events like Beach Bash lend students the opportunity to talk to their peers they may otherwise never see. It also provides a break from the first week of class that can leave some overwhelmed. First year Armstrong students Raymond Mesa and Floricel Tepetate agreed. “I think it’s pretty awesome that we get to hang out, meet classmates and get free food.” Mesa said. “I like the fraternities and sororities being around. I already know Phi Iota Alpha, the Lamba’s. I love that I get to talk to them all.” Tepetate added.

With little planned activities, students were free to roam the beach, walk through Tybee’s shops or remain on the pier. As the day went on, the majority of people headed for the water. Some swam and relaxed in the sun while others enjoyed beach sports. Evan Bass a junior, and Will Archer a freshman played spike ball with a small group of friends. “I got here late but it was pretty cool. I thought there would be limbo though. It would be nice to have more organized activities. But I would definitely come to another school get together.” Bass said.

Though some expected more games and planned entertainment, most enjoyed the loose schedule. Sigma Sigma Sigma member Ericka Fuentes commented. “This is my first time here in three years. I heard good things about Beach Bash so I made sure I could come this year. I like the free time. It’s great that we can stay on the beach and meet and greet everyone.” Fuentes and other Sigma’s are enthusiastic about the next event. “We’re very excited for Celebrate, in October.” When asked if she would come to Beach Bash again, Fuentes responded. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

As Beach Bash came to an end, everyone left smiling, some with new friends and all with new memories. Other than a small hose malfunction on an inflatable water slide that resulted in water shooting to the top of the pavilion, Beach Bash 2014 was a success. Students agree they are eager to attend the next CUB event.