Hypnotist playing mind games with students on campus

Students find a little casual hypnosis on campus

Hypnotist playing mind games with students on campus

Shay Parker, Correspondent

One local hypnotist comes to campus to poke around students’ minds on the regular, getting them to perform tricks for his YouTube channel.

Youtuber Maurice Kicklighter of Claxton, Georgia posts videos of him performing hypnosis on strangers for his channel Street Hypnosis GA, and Georgia Southern has become one of his go-to spots to perform street hypnosis on students walking around campus.

“ I enjoy the peoples’ reactions, and how deep you can go inside your mind,” Kicklighter said. “Every time I go to the campus I want to hypnotize as many people as I can.” 

Hypnosis is something that most people are nervous about, but Kicklighter and his cameraman are able to lure a few students into being in their videos.

“I’m nervous. I hope… I feel like I am going to get hypnotized,” Isaac Whinkfield said before being guided into a deep relaxation, and having suggestions put into his mind that he would forget the number four and even his own name.

“All I remember is him trying to hypnotize a dude and me stepping in because I wanted to be hypnotized,” Whinkfield said. “I was hoping it was going to work. I believe stuff like that is real.”

Kicklighter has been doing this for three years as a hobby, learning everything he knows from Youtube videos, and has done some pretty crazy things while hypnotizing people.

“Maybe making someone talk to their shoe. They have a full blown conversation with their shoe and I make them think that that’s their real phone,” Kicklighter said.

You can find Kicklighter on the Statesboro and the Armstrong campus shooting for his Youtube channel.