Ghostly Legends of Southeast Georgia

Ashton Christianson

Halloween is the season for creepy things that go bump in the night. To get in the ‘spooky’ spirit, here are a few ghost legends from Southeast Georgia.

Weston House

According to a legend on The Haunted Places, Weston House, a dorm at the Savannah College of Art and Design, is a place where students are haunted by a woman singing and tapping on walls. Objects have been known to  move on their own, and people have claimed to feel a “ghost” touching them. This building was built on a Civil War Battlefield where many soldiers lost their lives.

Matthews Eatery

According to a legend on The Haunted Places, the B. Matthews Eatery, located in Savannah, Georgia, has sketchy past connections to the slave trade and racial shootings during the segregation. Knives have been found plunged into the floor and shakers have been thrown across the room. However, the ghosts have been harmless, according to The Haunted Places.

John Wesley Statue

According to a legend on The Haunted Places, in the Reynolds Square in Savannah Georgia, the John Wesley Statue resides in the same area where an old hospital used to burn the bodies of those who had passed away from malaria. It is believed that some of the patients weren’t fully deceased when they were burned according to The Haunted Places website. Orbs can be seen in photos taken of the statue.

Hay House

According to a legend on The Telegraph, The Hay House has been known as a historical landmark for the Macon, Georgia area, but it has also been known to have sightings of a strange mysterious woman in a white gown, strange sounds and moving objects. The woman who has been seen on multiple occasions by the staff at the Hay House is believed to be the original resident of Hay House.

Gravity Hill

A tale told in my hometown area In Bonaire, Georgia revolves around a hill. Just a little past the intersection of US Route 129 lies a hill where your car will be pulled up on it while the car is in neutral. It was said that the witch whose grave marks the top of the hill will help drivers get over the hill in return for the kindness that was shown to her in her life.


These are just a few legends in Southeast Georgia to put you in the Halloween spirit for this season.