Student Owned Small Businesses

Briana Corlee, Photographer

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  • Christian Strickland, a senior 2-D Studio Art major, began his business, ExemplaryArts, to have a more professional platform to market his artwork. In his studio, he is working on a large new painting while accompanied by one of his previous works, Old Man in the Snow.

  • Hannahstudio a Torreira, a sophomore studio art major, started Rice is Nice Shoe Customs to satisfy her love for painting and making things for others. She loves having a physical item that shows her hard work and effort that others can wear.

  • Trenazae Ford, owner of Shot by Trenazae, sells an experience with her photography as she completes her degree in Secondary Biology Education this year. Although more of a side hustle at the moment, she hopes to get enough clients in a week to where she can make it a career.

  • Jada Bradshaw, a junior Biology major, decided to make her love for baking into a business and The Sweet Spot was born. She sells a variety of sweets including cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecake bites!

  • Breanna Bennett, owner of Sunny Beans Creations, is a fifth year mechanical engineering and fashion merchandising major here at GSU. Being stuck in quarantine during the pandemic inspired her to begin creating and selling resin items.

  • Kiara Blue, a senior fashion design major, started K$ Apparel to create a line that really made people feel strong and confident, but also sexy and different. She hopes that this business kick starts her future career in fashion.

  • Christian says that he is most proud of the steady community of happy customers that he has been able to build who keep coming back to him for more. He manages to do this by offering “custom work for whatever your heart desires.”

  • Christian spends most of his time in the art studio on campus, but when he’s not creating, he is truly making the most of his life. He can be found on a surfboard, camping in the woods, practicing Muay Thai, or simply taking a nap.

  • Rice is Nice Shoe Customs mainly customizes shoes, but she can customize other items too such as water bottles and clothes. She has been able to make money doing the things she loves and recommends to others to find people that support you.

  • Trenazae is most proud of the growth that she has been able to see in herself as her photography skills improve. She encourages other students thinking about starting a small business by reminding them “success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and experience so just trust the process.”

  • Starting from working in the Lakeside bakery on campus, Jada’s love for baking has allowed her to experiment with new recipes. Jada wants to tell other student entrepreneurs to “make sure that you set time aside for the business, and stick with it!”

  • Sunny Beans Creations makes and sells resin items such as such as key chains, jewelry/rolling trays, shot glasses, eyelash trays, and more. Her advice to other students thinking about running their own small business is to be consistent.

  • Breanna and Sunny Beans Creations have successfully being apart of multiple pop up shops within the last year. Although she enjoys making these resin items, she hopes to start her dream career as a Quality Control Engineer next summer.

  • Kiara knew fashion was her passion when the smiles and satisfaction from her customers made her even happier than the money did. She wants future entrepreneurs to know that their first few years in business will be tough, so patience will be imperative.

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