How to: Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving: A Thanksgiving celebration with Friends, instead of family. Usually is held before Thanksgiving to include a celebration solely for friends before the actual holiday.


Mckenzie Kerrigan, Events and Engagements Editor

By: Mckenzie Kerrigan

Want to have a holiday get together with your college mates before you all leave for Thanksgiving break? We’ve got you covered. Here are some steps to throwing the perfect friendsgiving!

Choose your list:

When choosing your guest list keep in mind the more people you invite, the more food, space, and the louder your friendsgiving will be. While this may be easy for someone with a full house, for those of you in dorms you may need to evaluate what your other roommates are comfortable with and the limits your RA may have for gatherings.However, don’t invite them until you have all the details of your friendsgiving planned!

Choose your location:

Whether you have a big or small crowd, you’ll need a place to host it. Primarily the host usually hosts it at their own dwelling, but if a friend offers that their place may be better suited for this occasion don’t be scared to co-host. For small gatherings a dorm or apartment is perfect, however the more people the more space. Consider dining outside in a picnic or small outdoor gathering for crowds you can’t contain. Or for those more serious about friendsgiving try finding rentals that may be big enough for your occasion.

Pick your foods:

This is vital, since it is the main objective of a friendsgiving! Will you be providing all the food, or will this be a potluck style feast. For those cooking or doing potluck you will need to organize foods that are liked by most of the guests, and meet their requirements. However, for those doing a potluck it is best to organize with your guest on a mini list what each person is bringing to avoid multiples.


It is not necessary to decorate. Afterall, the main goal is to enjoy time with friends over some good food. Decorating certainly doesn’t hurt though! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, even if with paper dishes you could opt for fall themed plates. Simple decorations, no decorations, or above and beyond decorations are all options you have to choose.

Send the invitations:

You’re at the last step! Send the invitations out, and don’t forget the time, place, dress code, and sign ups if you are doing a potluck. A group chat is sufficient but, if you’re feeling the holiday spirit try sending an ecard invitation for some spice.

You’ve officially organized your friendsgiving, now wait til the date, take some pictures, and eat away with friends!