Stress Relief in Statesboro

Kaz Thomas, Campus Reporter

Finals are right around the corner for Georgia Southern University students, and with increasing deadlines comes more stress. From back to back studying to project preparations, finals can leave students cramped inside their rooms for days on end.

There are several local ways to reduce stress here in Statesboro and stay active as well. Here are our top picks in Statesboro for your de-stressing needs. 

GSU Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is located conveniently near campus, and features a rotating selection of plant species, with some unique specimens that can rarely be seen elsewhere. Anyone can walk in and enjoy a few moments of tranquility while sitting on one of the many benches or walking through the forest pathways. 

1503 Bland Ave,  open 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM


Mill Creek Regional Park

While this park is further away from the Statesboro campus, it offers much more space for recreational activities. Soccer fields are available, as well as a good sized playground and circular jogging path. The sound of the central lake fountain can provide a good background for any stressed out individual to sort through their thoughts. During the summer, Splash In The Boro—the local water park— is open for business.

1388 GA-24, open 10 AM to 9 PM


Blind Willie Mctell Trail

A comfortable footpath marks Statesboro’s downtown area, providing a brisk and refreshing walk for anyone looking to relieve some stress. Endorphins from walking can promote healthy circulation and help stabilize emotions. The trail is about 12 miles long  and is easily accessible at any point. Travellers can decide whether to take a short walk or undertake a longer route. 

Near one end of the trail is a dog park, which provides a resting spot for a dog after brisk exercise. The dog park had two enclosures, for small dogs and larger ones, as well as water fountains and benches to sit on.


Blackwater Preserve

For aquatic relaxation, Blackwater Preserve can provide a quick getaway from any deadline worries. The preserve is a privately owned freshwater conservation area, with kayaks available to rent out on an all day excursion at a student rate of 20 dollars.  The view is breathtaking during a sunlit day. The quiet sounds of the water can melt stress away quickly. Combined with the mild exercise of kayaking,  Blackwater Preserve is an excellent spot to connect with nature.

The preserve features two friendly labrador retrievers and several enchanting peacocks that may be seen in the underbrush. Lifejackets are provided as well as paddles, and different sized kayaks and boats are available. Visitors are encouraged to wear comfortable waterproof clothing and pay with cash. 

Blackwater Preserve is a short drive away from Statesboro in Register, GA. 


Serenity Day Spa

For the ultimate pampered experience that is guaranteed to reduce stress, Serenity Day Spa is available in Statesboro’s Market District. The spa features several packages, including deep tissue, warm stone, and stress-fixing massages. The massage parlor has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with comfortable golden light, relaxing music and your choice of skin safe essential oil. 

There are different types of pricing to choose from, depending on how long the massage will be as well as any other treatments included, such as full body exfoliation, deep skin hydration, and pressure point activation among others. 

Anyone can book an appointment within a few days to a couple of weeks after calling, depending on the demand at the time. The spa is reasonably priced and has excellent service. 

These are just a few of the spots available in and around Statesboro for stress relief. When studying for exams becomes overwhelming, be sure to take a breather and check out one of these places.