Guest Post: Behind the scenes of the Haunted Forest


A local Halloween tradition since the 1980s, the Haunted Forest has returned to terrify visitors once again. While the forest scared guest for the final time on Georgia Southern University’s campus last year, The Clubhouse has taken up the reins and this year’s forest will attempt to be even more frightening than the last.
This year, the Haunted Forest has added a large amount of new features including but not limited to: peculiar smells, several terrifying stations and a chainsaw chase that will seriously test visitors bravery.
There are four major sections in this year’s forest, each with their own uniquely terrifying theme. They include, the  Zombie Station, Insane Asylum, Clown Me Out station, and the Blackout Tunnel. The Blackout Tunnel is a must as it was constructed from the same nightmarish dreams that inspired the “Purge.”
This year’s forest came to life thanks to event coordinator Tracie Smith and volunteers from Willingway Hospital, Lee Street Recovery Center for Women and Georgia Southern University.

“Success depends on how well the ghouls work and adapt, and for some reason, people like to be scared, they like that adrenaline rush,” Smith said.

The Haunted Forest will last through Halloween night and will be open from 8 p.m. to  midnight. Tickets are being sold at the forest entrance for $5 and all of the proceeds will go the Boys and Girls Club. Due to liability concerns,  all participants will have to sign a waiver stating that The Clubhouse will not be held responsible for any injuries.
Jasmine Martin is a senior communication arts and nutrition double major from Atlanta.