With confidence and trust, Werts finding rhythm through two games in 2018

Kaitlin Sells

Redshirt-sophomore quarterback Shai Werts has already started out his second season with the Eagles showing more confidence and more skill than last season.

Last season for the Eagles was rough, there’s no question about that, and a lot of that pressure and heat fell on the first year quarterback. The freshman showed an obvious lack of confidence on the field by hesitating to complete plays, overthrowing passes on many occasions, and fumbling when he decided to run the ball.  

While Werts got a lot of heat people forgot one thing, he was only a freshman, it was his first time appearing on the field. He already had a lot of pressure on him to improve from the last 2016 losing season, not to mention he was under the questionable coaching of Tyson Summers.

This season Werts has shown a whole new ball game. He’s already appeared more confident in the two games he’s played compared to all of last season—taking control of the option and completing plays he only attempted to last year.

“We made a bigger jump than we thought we would, from week one to week two,” Werts said. “It just all started with really locking in during the week, honing in on what we knew.”

In the two games Werts has played so far this season, the quarterback has gained 260 rushing yards, tallied four rushing touchdowns, thrown 183 passing yards, and logged two passing touchdowns.

His stats are already quite an improvement from his statistics from 2017 where Werts totaled 957 gained rushing yards, rushed only three touchdowns, passed 929 total yards, and threw for seven touchdowns.

“I never really had any doubt I couldn’t throw the ball,” Werts said. “It’s all about being comfortable, when you’re comfortable you can make any throw.”

Kaitlin Sells, The George-Anne Assistant Sports Editor, gasports@georgiasouthern.edu