Letter to the editor regarding campus Lime Bikes

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Since the beginning of the semester Lime Bikes have been popping up everywhere on campus.

It’s been great to see so many people embrace the option to ride to class. However, in only a few short weeks, Statesboro is already experiencing the problem that other cities have faced when dockless bikes or scooters come to town namely bikes being left in random places, rather than put away on bike racks.

It may seem harmless to leave a bike on a sidewalk, but doing so means another cyclist can’t get by for a ride or – even worse – a person in a wheelchair can’t make it to class.

In the last two days I have personally witnessed three bikes clustered on the sidewalk along Fair Road completely blocking the walkway with no one near by and another bike parked in the middle of the sidewalk heading up to Sweetheart Circle.

Please consider others when you drop off your bike or a convenience will become a nuisance. In fact, several other cities have now banned services like these for exactly this reason. So, don’t ruin a good thing. Park your bike at a rack.

Sociology Professor Marieke Van Willigen