Staying safe at night

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  • Madison Warren, community information specialist for Statesboro Police Department offered safety tips for students to stay safe at night. These tips include: try not to be alone, be familar with your surroundings and park under a street light.

Shiann Sivell

In light of Sunday’s abduction of three women, Madison Warren, community information specialist for Statesboro Police Department, offered safety tips to help students avoid dangerous situations at night.

  • Try not to be out alone, there’s safety in numbers.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Try not to go into areas you’re unfamiliar with. If you have to, try not to be out their alone or note the nearest building.
  • When in a car, always keep doors locked, and don’t roll down your window for strangers.
  • Try not to park beside a van without windows or with sliding doors. If one pulls in beside you, get in or out on the opposite side.
  • Try to park under a light when driving at night.
  • If you ever feel like you’re being followed, go back into the building you just left. Do not get into your vehicle alone.

Madison said that students who feel followed should call Statesboro PD so they can escort them to their car.

For personal protection, students can carry concealed weapons as well as mace, stun guns and tasers on campus as allowed by House Bill 792 and House Bill 280.

Shiann Sivell, The George-Anne Enterprise Reporter,