Stay Fit: 4 Motivational Workout Tips


Ashton Christianson

Anyone who wants to start getting in shape knows how hard it can be to hang on to that same motivation as time goes on. To help out with this problem, I have come up with tips to help you keep that determination all semester long.

The Poll:

A poll conducted on twitter asked how people stay motivated to work out. The options were workout apps, a workout buddy, a set workout routine and rewards.

Having a set workout routine had the highest amount of votes with 47%. Having a workout buddy scored as a close second.


1. Have a Set Workout Routine

A set workout routine allows for you to go into the gym without any questions of what to do, which makes it easier to get in and out in a set amount of time.

“Have your mind set on doing it. You don’t want to just do it one day…You have to put it in your daily habits consistently,” Cedric Tuggle Jr., a sophomore Business Marketing major, said.

There are many sources online that you can find that have designed workout routines–some of which are geared towards working out certain parts of the body. Pinterest, for example, has boards dedicated to different workout routines and tips on being healthy.


2. Have a Workout Buddy

“It’s kind of weird going into the gym by yourself,” Isaih Spurling, a sophomore Accounting major said, “Sometimes you don’t know what to do to workout, and you end up doing stuff wrong or you look weird…”

Bringing a friend along can definitely help motivate you as well as keep you accountable. It also makes the gym seem less intimidating.

“… [When] you have a friend who goes to the gym frequently, it’s more encouraging to go along with them,” Sydney Crosby, a sophomore Psychology major, said, “So you won’t feel weird or out of place.”


3. Rewards

Whether it be your favorite drink from Starbucks or going to see a movie, rewards can be a great motivator as well.


4. Apps

Some people find that, if they don’t schedule the time to workout, then it won’t happen. There are many different apps out there nowadays that can help with this. Some even offer different workout routines. “MyFitnessPal” and “7 Minute Workout” are two helpful apps that can be found in iTunes. They are also compatible with your Smartwatch.


Working out may be tough at first, but, once you get over that first hump, you may start to see positive changes in your daily life. Hopefully these tips can help you get over any hurdles you may face.