Opinion: As a lifelong Eagle, I hope Georgia Southern gets back on track

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  • Kaitlin Sells is a sophomore journalism major from Savannah

Kaitlin Sells

Eagle football is right around the corner as kickoff and with that big things are expected with a new coaching staff, new and returning players, and a summer long of hard work.

With two parents graduating from Georgia Southern, I was raised bleeding blue. I was at the 1999 national championship game at only two months old. I was around for the cringe-worthy era of VanGorder who did away with the triple option and many of the football program’s traditions. I was there for our final years in the FCS and I was there when the Eagles drained the swamp. It’s safe to say I don’t just know football, but I know Georgia Southern football.

There’s no dancing around the obvious, last season was a flop for the Eagles under Tyson Summers who lead the very first consecutive losing seasons for Eagles in 2016 and 2017 and was fired after starting the 2017 season being 0-6.

It’s been hard, going from winning the Sun Belt our first year of being a part of it to witnessing a 2-10 season from our same Eagles. It’s frustrating to watch a team with so much talent lose because they didn’t have the proper guidance they needed.

It’s been discouraging to watch the fan base in Eagle Nation become less rowdy under Tyson Summers. Watching most people leaving before a game was even over was heartbreaking. Seeing less and less of a turn out for home and away games because people had no faith was aggravating. It was more than obvious that Eagle nation needed a life preserver, and thankfully Chad Lunsford was there to throw one out.

The season hasn’t even started and so far, Chad Lunsford has bought more energy in this preseason than Summers did in is his two-year reign due to his obvious pride for Georgia Southern. From the legendary People’s Elbow to hosting player dinners at his own home, he’s got the players excited, he’s got the students excited, and he’s got the entire fan base of Eagle Nation excited.

But let’s remember, while everything is extremely exciting, this is Lunsford’s first official season as head coach. He has a lot of pressure on him and we need to stand behind him no matter has this season turns out. I believe this season will be an improvement, but we can’t expect the world from Lunsford.

We just need to sit back, enjoy this season for what it is and, as always, GATA.

Kaitlin Sells, The George-Anne Assistant Sports Editor, gasports@georgiasouthern.edu