Housing complex construction plan approved for University Plaza


Briyanna Thompson, Managing Editor

A privately owned construction company has proposed a plan to build an apartment complex where the University Plaza shopping center is located. 

Statesboro City Council approved the zoning and variance change for Dallas-based company Rael Development Corporation (Raelcorp) to build the housing complex. The CEO of the corporation, Graeme Rael presented the idea about the project at a City Council meeting back in early February. 

“You’ll see in the report that there’s an aesthetic difference,” said City of Statesboro planning and housing administrator, Justin Williams. “This is new. This is something different for our community.”

The proposed build includes a multi-family student housing complex that will hold up to 600 residents and the first multi-story parking garage to be built in Statesboro according to the Zoning Service Report.  

The size of the parking garage will depend on the potential for there to be a parking agreement with Georgia Southern. 

A small portion of the complex will consist of one studio and one bedroom while the remainder of the complex will have multi bedroom spaces. 

Map showing the corner of Chandler Road and Georgia Avenue where the new housing complex will be built.

“The city felt that it was a viable project…if you know any of the history regarding that,” said WIlliams. 

Several companies have made offers to build on the plaza through the years, promising housing, or storefronts. There is still progress to be made such as a land disturbance permit but the overall plan has been approved.