Who is the Armstrong Bean Bandit?


The mysterious figure, alleged to be the Beans culprit.

Georgia Southern Campus Bean Bandit

This past month, we have had recent reports of multiple unattended cans of beans and sticky notes with the word “Beans” posted all over the Student Union. The unattended can of beans were also reported seen throughout the Student Union, and even in some classrooms and offices.

However this past week, a photo of a potential culprit surfaced from an anonymous report. The quality of the photo is not all great but from what The Inkwell could gather. The alleged “Bean Bandit” in the photo seems to be wearing a costume representing an eagle around 6 feet tall and a beak. Campus police have been trying to figure out the culprit but to no avail. However, with this photo, we may be able to find the culprit.


Editor’s Note: This article is satirical. Or is it?