Gossip Gus: Science Roaches

Hey Eagle Nation, it’s Gossip Gus here!


Emmi Propst

Roach of the week provided to Gossip Gus team by one of our informants

Today, I am bringing you news of this well-hidden Easter egg on campus.

People often think that a brain geared towards science lacks the creative juices needed for art. I am here to say that these are not mutually exclusive.

A secret artist has emerged among our ranks. Some might even call them Armstrong’s very own Banksy.

According to some science center patrons, an unnamed assailant has been leaving creative and unique displays using the deceased critters found throughout the building. One student said, “it inspires me to see upcycling being used in art.”

“It is the only thing getting me through nursing school,” commented another anonymous source while gazing at the display.

It is truly inspiring to see students living out their creative passions on Armstrong campus. Make sure to lookout for more works from the up and coming artist.

And remember students, I never come without proof. Attached to this article is an original piece by Armstrong’s Vincent van Roach.

And who am I, you ask? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me.
—-XOXO Gossip Gus