Harry Potter on Campus: Annual Yule Ball


Tayler Critchlow

Did you miss your Hogwarts letter all those years ago too? Well, I’ve got you covered on how to make your GSU experience just a little more magical.
Ok, so Homecoming Week was just recently upon us. A time when alumni and parents return to these sacred grounds, people campaign for King and Queen, there is a parade, and the entire week leads up to the famous Homecoming Football game.
Want to know what the wizarding concept of Homecoming Week is?….The Yule Ball.
That is right, the Yule Ball.
Students from other wizarding schools come together to dance and be merry and it is accentuated with a big dance…a football game in the muggle world.
Now true, the Yule Ball is only an accompaniment of The Triwizard Tournament that only occurs every five years, or it did until it was discontinued only to be revived during Harry Potter’s fourth year.
For the Yule Ball only fourth years and above can attend and it is held on Christmas Day, while Homecoming is a week for all grade levels to participate in, it is only Seniors that can run for King and Queen.
So when Homecoming Week rolls around next year just imagine that all the weeks activities to raise school spirit are really Triwizard Tournament Challenges that must be completed in order to celebrate with a football game where you can dress nice and imagine that you are just pre-gaming before the Yule Ball.
Dance away!

Yule Ball Poster
Kate Rakoczy | Student Media