New GS parking violation device

Jackson Wright, Correspondent

The Barnacle is Georgia Southern’s recent alternative to towing or booting improperly parked cars. 

What’s new: The barnacle is a new device that uses suction cups to stick to a vehicle’s windshield.

How it works: Its suction cups carry over 750 pounds of force, making manual removal virtually impossible.

  • Tampering with the Barnacle is discouraged, as it can potentially damage the vehicle, as well as trigger an alarm and notify campus authorities via text message.

Removal: The device can be removed by scanning a barcode with a smartphone and paying the fee online, or by calling the phone number on the device. 

  • The $30 removal fee can be paid at any time of day, and once paid, can be removed and returned to the drop box located outside the Parking and Transportation building.
  • Once removed, there is a 24-hour window to return the device, or else a $200 deposit fee could be issued.