Grace Notes


College is a collection of cascading sounds and crescendos. It’s full of harsh notes and loud noises. But, like any good masterpiece, there are Grace Notes.

Grace Notes act as a soft embellishment or glide into a grander note. I hope to act as your Grace Note easing you into the chaos of college.

Whether you’re a freshman or a graduating senior, we all exist in a state of confusion. I have been doing this for years and still get anxious on my first day. I am the person checking my schedule a hundred times to make sure I’m in the right room. The point I am getting at is these feelings do not go away.

I promise I am not trying to scare anyone; I am attempting to do the opposite. I want to let you know that most of us are simply trying our best or just trying, so we might as well try and help each other through it.

Also, the music metaphors will probably be limited to this because I am not trained in music or music theory. But aside from my lack of musical experience, I hope I can bring you a little relief or clarity through this column.

I do need your help with this. To be an advice column, I will need reasons to give advice. So your job as a reader is to send me questions. Any inquiries or thoughts you may have, you can send them to me. The email address is linked below.

Anyone asking questions will remain anonymous, and I will handle every question with discretion and earnestness. You can call me Grace, and I hope these future notes will continue to help you.