Grace Notes


I don’t know about you guys, but I have to be honest. School is taking a couple of extra hits at me this week. It’s nice to be in the flow of the semester, but that also means the work is beginning to pile up. So, I am about two assignments short of a freak-out.

To help cope with my impending doom and maybe help some of you, I thought I would share how I handle the stress.

The first order of business is to scream a bit and get all my big feelings out. This usually helps calm the anxiousness building up in my brain.

Repeat as needed.

After you’ve scared your neighbors with your scream, make sure the space you are working in is somewhat tidy. Take 15 minutes to create a peaceful and productive workspace. Sometimes, a messy area can overwhelm your senses.

The next thing that always offers me a little clarity is to write it all out. In whatever fashion you choose, list every task you must complete (even the little ones). Having a running list can help organize your thoughts to some degree.

Once you have your checklist, live by it. Also, make sure to cross off as you go, so your brain can get the endorphins to boost.

Another added layer is to set yourself up for a prize. For example, if I finish all of my assignments by Friday, I get to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant. This allows my brain to work towards something.

Another vital thing to remember is it is good to take breaks. If you have read the same sentence five times and still cannot make sense of it, then it may be time to step away for a few minutes and rest your mind. Just don’t let a few minutes turn into a few hours.

Naps are also a great way to refresh the brain. I have heard that the perfect nap is 27 minutes. Personally, a nap sometimes doubled my productivity.

While these tips are helpful, the bulk of the work is still up to you. But, I firmly believe we can all be successful in our own right.

I hope some of these tips help you. I will tell you what I keep telling myself; school is essential, but if you mess up on something, it won’t be the end of the world.