Thrift clothes shopping in Statesboro: The 411

Julia Fechter

If there ever is a time to revitalize your wardrobe, it is spring! However, making the drive to a big-city boutique to shop may be taxing–especially when you just want to spice up your closet and not spend a ton of money shopping.

Consignment and thrift shops can be an alternative to larger, perhaps more popular clothing stores. Statesboro actually has several thrift and consignment shops.

Here is a sampling of local stores to get you started. If you go to any of these shops and buy something you like, tag us #reflectorgsu on Facebook or @reflectorgsu on Twitter with pictures of your new outfits!

Small businesses

These types of stores dot the streets of Statesboro. You just have to know where to look! Knowledge is one of those places. The shops offers a smaller, but colorful, inventory of clothing and accessories ranging from skirts and dresses to hats and brand-name purses. Though the purses are closer to their original brand-name prices, the jewelry is fairly cheap.

Also, you will want to bring your cash, as Knowledge is currently a cash-only store!

Knowledge is located on 256 North Main Street. As well, you can check out Cherry’s Charms Fine Consignments on 603 Northside Drive (Hwy. 80) West, next to Food World, and the Statesboro Thrift Mall on 107 E. Parrish Street.


A couple of the nonprofit organizations around Statesboro operate thrift stores as a way to raise funds for their causes. ReTails, for example, is the thrift shop run by The Humane Society of Statesboro and Bulloch County. That shop offers a decent amount of women’s and men’s shoes, many of the styles either black, boots and/or heels. Even though the sizes on items like dresses and pants tend to be medium or bigger, the shop does offer both formal and pajama clothing, along with very unique jewelry pieces.

ReTails is located at 105 North College Street. Additionally, other nonprofit thrift stops in town include the Habitat for Humanity of Bulloch County’s Restore on 201 Johnson St. and the Christian Social Ministry’s Thrift Store on 122 E. Parrish St., right down the road from the Statesboro Thrift Mall.


This is probably the first place you thought of when it comes to clothes shopping on the dollar-and you are not wrong! Goodwill offers the largest selection of clothing and accessories by far. In fact, it has a specific boutique section near the front of its store. The only con to a secondhand store of this size is that its size can make it harder to sort through items to find what you want. Goodwill is located on 24015 Hwy. 80.