Seven Things to do on River Street


Ken Lund

“River Street, Savannah, Georgia” by Ken Lund is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Seven Must-Do Things on River Street
Whether you are looking for a couples retreat, family day trip or a pre-wedding party, in the heart of Savannah lies a several-century-old cobblestone street that has something for everyone. River Street gives you a first-hand look at Savannah’s waterfront while providing nearly 100 restaurants, pubs, boutiques, and endless history. Here are some of the street’s biggest hotspots and must-see attractions!

1) Check out the view! Take a stroll on the beautiful river walk while checking out local street vendors selling unique items such as palm roses and homemade plastic rockets that stay in the air for up to two minutes. You can do all this while diving even deeper into history by taking a look at the astounding World War II, African-American and Waving Girl monuments and historic architecture along the original cobblestone street.

Talmadge Memorial Bridge crosses over the river into South Carolina. The view of this beautiful bridge and the remaining supports from the original bridge is a special treat during the day but even more amazing at night. If you are lucky, you will get to wave at some of the crew on one of the enormous cargo ships being escorted by tugboats into one of the busiest ports in the country. These ships are over 1,000 feet long and 175 feet wide. They typically have more than 3,000 containers on board.

2) Get a bite to eat on the Savannah Riverboat Cruise! While visiting Savannah you can’t go wrong with the classic shrimp and grits combination on a sightseeing paddleboat cruise.

Savannah Riverboat Cruises offers guests a wide variety of tour options with an elegant dinner and entertainment. They also offer a variety of packages including a wedding venue with a reception.

3) Have a sweet tooth? Walk down a flight of steps and feel like a kid again at the Savannah Candy Kitchen with all the treats you can imagine and more. See the process of how flavored popcorn is made as well as their homemade ice cream and famous gooey pralines. Make sure you don’t forget your wallets or purses as there is no budgeting here. “We have always loved being located on river street for over 40 years and we have prided ourselves on giving the best first impression to tourists and putting love into everything we do,” said General manager Krysty Lowe.

4) Visit the Plant Riverside District! Take a walk through the lobby of JW Marriott luxury hotel and experience a different take on hotels. The hotel lobby is a museum filled with enormous gemstones and replicas of dinosaur fossils. Shop in the hotel’s specialty boutiques and the art galleries for that special memento. Each guest room has its own special view overlooking the river or overlooking the spectacular hotel interior.

There are more than 10 onsite dining venues ranging from high-end steakhouses to a cookie bar. Start your day with fresh-baked pastries or a nutritious smoothie from Turbine Market and Café. Have an afternoon cookie break at Byrd’s Cookies. End your day with a private dinner at Stone & Webster Chophouse, one of the best steakhouses in Savannah. Be sure to visit the rooftop bar, Electric Moon, which is a high energy lounge with a spectacular view.

5) Ride the ferry! The free ferry service between River Street and Hutchinson Island gives an awesome view of River Street and the Savannah Convention Center. You might even get to cruise along beside one of the cargo ships. “The ferry is oftentimes overlooked by the Savannah Riverboat Cruise but with these prices, you really can’t go wrong, “said Julie Cutts at the visitor information center.

6) Shop at River Street Market Place! This historic open-air market from the 1800s is the perfect place to shop for unique souvenirs or artwork by local artists.
This recreated open-air market building from the 1800s is truly one of a kind. Custom Creations and Your Personal Gift Shop offer personalized gifts such as bracelets and bags with a quote of your choice.

7) Get your drink on! Thirsty? Wet Willies is a perfect spot to grab an adult slushie day or night. The infamous Wet Willies has over 25 delicious flavors with your choice of alcohol. River Street is filled with a wide selection of bars making it the perfect nightlife street. Many places stay open as late as 3 a.m.

If you are looking for more of a sit-down slow night, check out Top Deck Bar, a rooftop bar with martinis that will leave you having to call Uber. Of course, Savannah is one of nine cities in the U.S. that allows plastic to-go cups. Saint Patrick’s Day on River Street is also a special treat for party people either day or night.