Up in Smoke! (9.15.2022)

Jaila Petersen, Photojournalist

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  • Emergency Vehicles are on display as Firemen and Paramedics welcome students to learn more about fire safety outside the Performing Arts Center.

  • The Public Safety Department encourages students to learn more about domestic safety precautions and provides them with an end of summer snow cone.

  • The Statesboro Police department looks to find new recruits interested in learning more about training.

  • The Police Department brings in special arms as a part of their training and certification display.

  • University Housing Student workers provide a free box of baking sodas as they teach attendees more about the dangers of grease fires.

  • Hendrix Fire Protection shows students how to safely put out a small fire with an extinguisher.

  • Officers keep the crowd safe behind them as the fire simulation starts.

  • The set-up crew looks on preparing to record the demonstration of the controlled fire.

  • A small fire is started to demonstrate how long it takes for built-in sprinklers to put it out.

  • As the fire grows larger, the demonstration continues giving on lookers directions on how to safely get away from a fire to call for help.

  • The mock-dorm goes up in flames minutes before firefighters’ average arrival time.

  • Police time the firefighter’s arrival to the scene keeping the crowd safely away from the fire.

  • Fire fighters arrive on the scene as the fire grows high above the set of dorm rooms.

  • Firefighters arrive on the scene and immediately spring into action.

  • Firemen inspect the scene to be sure the set is safe before ending the simulation.

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