Health Services event to highlight dangers of smoking around pets

Shiann Sivell

Georgia Southern University Health Services will collaborate with the Statesboro Humane Society to host the “Great American Smokeout,” an event to educate students on the dangers of second-hand smoking at the Rotunda on Friday.

The event, held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., will feature an interactive and educational booth on the dangers of smoking around others, especially pets.

According to statistics from the American Medical Veterinarian Association, exposure to tobacco smoke can result in an increased risk of cancer of the nasal cavity and sinuses of dogs, particularly those with longer snouts, such as collies and greyhounds.

Pet cats living in smoking households are twice as likely to develop cancers like malignant lymphoma compared to pets in non-smoking households.

“This program is designed to follow best practices of public health as designed by the truth campaign,” Health Promotion Coordinator Gemma Skuraton said via email. “This approach is less stigmatizing and is likely to provide buy-in for tobacco secession.”

Free information and slushies will be available at the booth.The Humane Society will also be present with adoptable puppies.

Shiann Sivell, The George-Anne Daily/News Reporter,