Students evaluate job options at ASU’s Career Fair

Part time career fair photo by liz

By Ashleigh Thompson, Staff Writer

Armstrong’s Career Services is holding its Fall 2014 Career Fair Sept. 18. from 3p.m. to 6p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom. All students are invited and are advised to wear professional business attire to the event.

Attending the career Fair can be beneficial to all students, even those not who may not be looking for a job just yet. “There are jobs and internships available for juniors and seniors,” George Lantzounis the Director of Career Services said. “If they are undergrads, it gives them a great experience.”

On Sept. 4. Armstrong held their annual part-time career fair. This gathering served as an opportunity for students to find a job while they’re still in school. Companies such as T-Mobile, Starbucks, Best Buy, and Old Nay were present at the event. Kayla Gaskins, a nursing major that attended the event commented, “It’s a great opportunity for the students, and I’m really impressed with the turnout.” The part-time career fair is all about letting students know what’s available in the area. Alfredo Hernandez said, “There are so many different businesses. I didn’t even know that some of the companies were in Savannah.”

As for the Career Fair coming up, “A full list of companies can be found through Career Web,” explained Allison Lyon, Assistant Director. Career Web is located on the left panel of options once you log into Port of Armstrong. Simply fill in the required information, and you have created our own personal profile on Career Web. This site will help you find jobs related to your major in the area. It also lists any events held by Career Services.

The Career Fair offers a variety of career opportunities for attending students. Some major companies attending the Fall 2014 Career Fair include: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, and Comcast Cable.

No matter your year, attending the fair would be beneficial to all students. Acura Fortson was intrigued by the advertisements she saw throughout the campus, “especially in the Galley” she said, “It’s good for students to understand how to do this.” Fortson, along with some of her friends, plan to attend the fair in an attempt to understand the process. The experience alone is beneficial to any student.

Career Services offers students assistance with building a resume and preparation for career fairs. Their office is located in Room 101 in the Memorial College Center and is open from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information on our Career Services or the Fall 2014 Career Fair, visit the Career Services page on the Armstrong website or Career Web through Port of Armstrong.