Grace Notes


With spring course registration in the air, I felt it my duty to impress the importance of being prepared for it.

By now, or hopefully soon, You will have met with your advisor to discuss your course list for spring ’22. If you are unsure or still trying to build your schedule, the course search page will help make the whole process a little easier.

This page helps you narrow down classes based on your preferences and needs and gives you all the available options within your set criteria.

While I have had nothing but positive experiences with my advisor, it is always helpful to have options or to be able to explore different routes outside of what your advisor recommends.

I know that, by now, many of you have experience and do not need me to tell you what to do, but for those of you that are still new to this, I hope some of these resources can help.

Call me crazy, but I am the student who wakes up at 6 am when course registration opens to be the first in line to sign up for classes. But if you’re not someone who wants to wake up that early to register, I have a few helpful tips.

Before registration day, keep a course calendar in your notes app. List out each course, the date and time of the course, and the CRN number for the course. This helps keep everything organized so you can efficiently register with little room for mess-ups or confusion.
Have backup courses ready. In the unlikelihood that you cannot sign up for a course, you intended to, having another class to fill in for the one you couldn’t get into is beneficial.
Once again, if a class you plan to register for is full, don’t give up. Drop and Add week is a great time to get into previously full courses. Usually, one or two seats open up at some point during that week.

Course registration will be here before you know it. Make sure you’re paying attention to your specific registration, and good luck!