Unity Fest 2022 Recap


On October 26th at 6 pm, the Unity Fest, hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, took place on the Armstrong campus.

Once students checked in with their student ID, they were given pipe-cleaner wristbands that could be used to get tickets for free meals from the Latin Chicks or Big Cheese food trucks, as well as the Palmetto Pops cart.

Several campus organization tables lined the sidewalks outside the Student Union, including tables for HOLA, Sisters with Vision, Lane Library, and the Academic Success Center.

Some of these booths had Jeopardy-style trivia games where contestants could win candy and organization swag like pens, highlighters, and sticky-note study tabs.

Participants could enter the inflatable Dance Party Bounce House, compete in a game of Human Billiards or Cornhole, or challenge themselves to hang on to the inflatable bucking bull. They also had the opportunity to get henna and jagua tattoos or caricatures done.

When asked what they thought the significance of the event was, Darius Newman of Men of Vision and Excellence said, “There’s often the idea that Georgia Southern is very one dimensional. This event showcases the uniqueness and inclusion for everyone at GSU.”

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