Georgia Southern’s Halloween Spirit

James Gravina, Photojournalist

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  • Georgia Southern’s Puppy Club of South Eastern Guide Dogs, kick off their weeklong event, Dog Days, by getting into the Halloween Spirit with their Kasper’s Kisses event of the day on 31 October.

  • Pandora, a history major, poses outside of the Foy building dressed as a cultist for Halloween.

  • Parker, currently an undeclared student at Georgia Southern, dresses as Velma accompanied with companion Scooby Doo outside of Henderson Library.

  • Alayna, a multimedia student, dresses as a sinful nun during their shift at Henderson Library, spreading the Halloween spirit.

  • Chloe Johnson, an interdisciplinary studies major, poses as an elf princess during their shift at Henderson Library.

  • Lorena, a Marketing student, takes time in-between studying at Henderson Library to pose for a picture as One Piece’s Portgas D. Ace.

  • Katie, a graduate student in Public History, poses as Violet Beauregarde from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, in Henderson Library.

  • Students (Left to right) Caetana Ricci, Willow Farmer, Yadielle Almodovar and Ted Paden, participate in the Halloween spirit on campus while spending time at Henderson Library.

  • Hannah, an English major, takes a break in their studies as they poses as a self-described “Background Slytherin” from the Harry Potter movies.

  • Huan Bang Liu, a student of International Trade, wears a costume based on the traditional Chinese hanfu, under the lakeside gazebo on campus.

  • Dominic, a Civil Engineering major, poses as Scooby Doo inside of the Russell Student Union.

  • Raqi (left), a Vocal Performance major and Abby (right), a Music Education major, pose within the student union as a pair of witches for Halloween.

  • Hannah, a Psychology graduate and staff member at the University Bookstore, fills the store with some Halloween spirit as one of the store’s witches.

  • Analena, a Human Nutrition student and staff member of the University Bookstore, poses as Wednesday Addams on Monday, 31 October.

  • Hannah, a staff member of the University Bookstore, takes a moment to pose with a fellow cowboy in-between their cattle drive.

  • Adrienne, a Graphic Design student, poses as a woodland elf at the military resource center spreading the Halloween spirit between classes.

  • Shawna Boyles (left) and Holly Berry (right) managers of the University Bookstore, pose as witches of the store’s Halloween witch coven. Photo credited to Allan Beck.

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