Gossip Gus: Rival School Has Us In a Rumble

Gossip Gus: Rival School Has Us In a Rumble

Editor’s Note: This article is satirical and is not to be taken serious

Hey Eagle Nation. Your favorite fine-feathered, fluffy-tailed friend Gossip Gus here.

I’ve got the latest news that you’ll want to sink your claws into.

A tale as old as time has us in a rivalry with a new school.

That’s right. A source tells us that a new university is in the works and is planning to open up across the street.

“They’ve already started orientation. I met one of the new students and she was quick to tell me that

Armstrong University, Georgia Southern campus was ready to take us down.”

Reports have come that this new university is planning to include a museum dedicated to endangered majors here in Savannah.

“We feel that there isn’t enough representation at the other school. We know our presence is going to ruffle some feathers.”

They’ve certainly got a way with words but let’s see if they have the talons to keep up with us

We’ve got a certain mascot that they won’t be able to beat.

And who am I, you ask? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.

You know you love me.
Gossip Gus