Bleu Blush

De’Ondre Harris

I had the chance to speak with Statesboro’s most famed boutique owner Renee Thompson of Bleu Blush to discuss her profaned business on Friday. Bleu Blush sells stylish and trendy clothes that do amazing things for the ladies that shop there but the Statesboro community. 

“Bleu Blush started as a dream in 2014, prior to that I always had a dream of opening a store. I’ve always loved clothes as a child and I did not have the means to own those clothes so hammy downs were the only thing for me,” said Renee Thompson, Bleu Blush Owner. 

Renee is also a Statesboro native, so it was such a huge deal for her to have her boutique right here where she grew up. The business initially started as a way for her to take the desire away of her having complications with being pregnant. It initially started out as an online boutique and after several rounds of IVF treatments, she was able to get pregnant. 

“We were trying to get pregnant, and we tried several different things, my ultimate prayer to God was to take this desire away if I’m not meant to have children. The idea of Bleu Blush was to get my mind from not being able to have more children and it started online,” said Thompson.

After ending her online boutique Thompson kept receiving requests to bring Bleu Blush back so she has since moved from online to storefront brick-and-mortar in May of 2019 right before the start of the global pandemic. 

When talking with Thompson, she discussed her love of giving back to the community through her boutique as a pilar and native to the community. We were able to talk about how when she used to shop how she often felt judged and less than so giving back and making others feel welcome is a huge deal for Bleu Blush. 

“There are several different things that we give back to living in a small community, we are asked a lot to sponsor different things like a month ago to Safe Haven percentage nights and we give a percentage back to that.”

Bleu Blush has made itself known as a pillar in the Statesboro community by catering to all sizes from college students, moms, working moms and grandmothers so come down to Bleu Blush I’m sure there is something for you. 

You can check Bleu Blush out on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok at Bleu Blush Boutique where the staff dance, model clothes, and post daily stories.