More vape shops opening on campus

De'Ondre Harris

Smoking and vaping have become more and more prevalent into college students’ lives, and the use of these products can cause serious health issues however the amount of smoke shops near the Georgia Southern campus is continuing to grow.

“I would say that is probably an issue but I’m also big on people making their own decisions and think the best thing for someone to do is to be left alone and make their own decisions,” said Garrett Aralestan, Smoke Crave Employee.

Recently there have been over three new smoke and vape shops coming to Statesboro near the Georgia Southern campus totaling 10 stores while neighboring cities don’t even come close to that with two in Metter and four in Rincon.

“I personally don’t vape but it is convenient being that close to campus and they come here because they know they can make business because there are a lot of people my age that vape and it is walking distance so it’s very convenient,” Erin Thompson, Georgia Southern Student. 

According to Statista, a 2021 article found that 75.7% of college students use E-cigarettes or their vape products in the United States out of over 6,000 people surveyed at different universities. 

The new Smoke Haven on Chandler Rd. will be just three minutes from the Centennial Place and Eagle Village Campus dormitory and just right across the street from the University Dining Commons. 

“The whole thing of smoking is bad it is almost like is it okay if we have it so close to campus which means that more students will get into it but if students want to smoke they will find a way,” said Isai Vega, Georgia Southern Student.