Nostalgia: Throwback Skate Party

Briana Corlee, Photo Editor

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  • The office of student activities paired with the UPB on campus to host a night of nostalgia with a throwback skate party.

  • The event took place in the William’s Center multipurpose room on the Statesboro campus on February 23.

  • The students attending the event received snacks and glow necklaces for the party.

  • Couples showed up and used the event as a date night as they skated around holding hands.

  • Some attendees brought their own skates while others borrowed theirs from the event.

  • Friends helped each other skate around the room by holding hands and guiding each other.

  • Music filled the room and the dancing began!

  • New skaters had a hard time staying on their feet, but had help with from their friends.

  • There was laughter filling the room as friends fell and as they helped each other up.

  • Nostalgic music flooded the multipurpose room and announcers guided the skaters in three waves.

  • As the night went on, more experienced skaters began taking the floor and showing off their moves.

  • The room was lit up with colorful lights to match the mood of a retro skating rink.

  • Some skaters even began showing off some tricks, including cool spins.

  • New and experienced skaters danced around the rink to nostalgic songs.

  • The first wave of students started a conga line on skates!

  • Some experienced skaters stayed in the middle of the floor showing off their skills in the lights.

  • Some students brought their own skates and showed off by practicing and performing tricks.

  • One room in the William’s Center was used for checking in and out skates.

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