Statesboro pools are overcrowded

De'Ondre Harris

The recent rise in temperature here in Statesboro is getting local residents ready for the pool.


The February warm burst was the highest temperature at just 85 degrees which crowded the pool at the Hamptons and various other student-living apartments leaving residents upset. 


“As a resident here at the Hamptons, I just feel as if I should be able to comfortably enjoy and have a good time at the pool that I pay for monthly with my rent,” said Ryleigh Mann, resident of the Hamptons.


After speaking with a representative from the Hamptons they informed me that the pool is for residents only until further notice. 


“The pool has been so crowded lately which I don’t mind at all but it did slightly inconvenience me because there were people taking up all of the resident parking leaving those who live here nowhere to park,” Sydney Bishop, resident of the Hamptons.


This issue is not just at the Hamptons but at other different student living housing like Cottage Row which has since limited the number of people in the pool to just residents only just after an incident at the pool with a gun being pulled out leaving pool attendees running for their lives.