Are textbooks we buy assigned by professors actually being assigned?


Nazahria East, Correspondent

GS students expressed the task of spending money on textbooks assigned by professors that have no class usage. 

Here’s what they said:

  • “It depends on the major, because I am a political science major and my concentration is so specific,” said Franchesca, a political science major. “Course work within the textbook is very important, but from my freshman to half of my junior year half of the textbooks remained untouched.”
  • “Some professors would actually give us a textbook that we end up not having to use,” said Zyon, a communications studies major. “But with some professors, if you don’t buy that textbook, you will fail that class.” 
  • “Professors have not required nor assigned a textbook that we ended up not having to use throughout the semester,” said Megan, a business management major.
  • “I would pay like 80 to 90 dollars for textbooks and end up not using it unless the course work is in the textbook,” said Brianna, a political science major.
  •  “I have had a lot of professors assign textbooks that I had to pay for but ended up not using,” said John, a communication studies major. “But in recent years things changed after I complained to the communication department and then most of my teachers started to find things that they can use online.”
  • “Professors assign textbooks that we don’t use all the time and I feel like I’m wasting a lot of money,” said Felton, an accounting major.
  • “Professors require textbooks all the time without assigning course work,” said Kalan, a Criminology major. “But, I did not have to spend money on textbooks.” 
  • “Every semester I feel like I am wasting money when professors assign expensive textbooks that have no class usage,” said Cameron, a communications major.