Nnamdi Ofuani | International Student Highlight


Nnamdi Ofuani traveled across the seas from South Nigeria to Georgia Southern to seek a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Nnamdi wants to become a project manager working on renewable energy with the goal to make sustainable fuel.


  • 3 and a half year student at Georgia Southern University and graduating this semester
  • In the accelerated program where he is getting his Master’s and Bachelor’s within 5 years
  • The former president of the International Ambassadors and Youth Fellowship International. He decided to give his positions to the next person for his last semester, so he could guide them and focus on his research.
  • Received the International Ambassador Leadership Award in 2022

Activities to do in Free Time:

  • Cooking
  • Playing soccer
  • Reading books
    • Currently reading: Atomic Habits by James Claire
    • Favorite book: In Pursuit of Purpose by Myles Munroe

Favorite thing to do in Statesboro:

  • Going to church at New Covenant Church where he found family

Favorite Place to Eat:

  • El Sombrero

Favorite Show:

  • The Flash. He rewatches it all the time
    • The Flash exhibits his love for his family, city, and people which makes it relatable. 

Where would you like to live:

  • Indiana where he has another internship up there for this upcoming summer