Ways to beat the post-spring break blues

Christa Feazell

Spring break is officially over, which means it’s time to get back to work. Time marches on, and finals loom closer on the horizon. But if you aren’t quite willing to let the magic of spring break go, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Here are a few things that you can do right here in Statesboro that will make every day feel like spring break.

Hit the pool

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It’s March in Statesboro, which means that the weather will slowly begin to heat up. While Statesboro’s waterpark won’t officially open till May, several apartment complexes around town have their own pools. If you live in one of these complexes, spend the first warm days of spring soaking in the sun and pretending you’re in Miami.

If you don’t live somewhere with a pool, find a friend who does. Some complexes allow residents to bring a certain number of guests to apartment amenities. After all, the only thing better than swimming on a hot day is swimming with friends.

Visit the Georgia Southern Museum

Located on Sweetheart Circle near Sanford and the Rosenwald buildings, the Georgia Southern Museum is a fun way to kill an afternoon. Admission is free for all Georgia Southern students, so it’s cost-effective too.

There’s something here for all academic interests. For those interested in history, there’s a long-standing exhibit on the Confederate prisoner of war camp, Camp Lawton.

More interested in biology and paleontology? The museum has you covered. The Hall of Natural History features 80 million years of Georgia history. Students can also visit the museum’s unofficial “mascot” – a 75-million-year-old mosasaur.

Take a hike

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What better way to celebrate the start of spring than with a hike? Statesboro boasts several trails, like the S&S Greenway. The trail traces the route of the Savannah & Statesboro Railway, which was founded in 1887.

Students can bike, run, or simply walk the asphalt-lined trail. It begins on Gentilly and ends on Pretoria Rushing Road. It stretches for about 2.75 miles, though some sources claim it will eventually cover 8 miles and go into Brooklet. The trail goes through woods, marshes, and fields.

Both ends of the trail have restrooms and picnic tables. So pack a lunch, grab your water bottle, and get going.

Spend a day in

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Sometimes, the only way to beat the post-spring break blues is to allow yourself time to mourn.

Stock up on snacks and do whatever you like. Put on a scary movie and watch it with your roommates. Listen to some music. Play with your pet. Sink some hours on that video game you’ve been wanting to try out.

Everyone needs a day to just sit back, relax, and forget about the stresses of school. The semester is ending in just a little over a month. Soon students will be hit with cumulative tests, twelve-page papers and downright painful group projects. The important thing to remember is that your health comes before your GPA. So, try to set aside a day to do something fun or relaxing.