Living on a College Budget: Valentine’s Day Edition

Noelle Walker

Finding the perfect gift for your other half while living on a college budget can be hard. Luckily, there are many meaningful and affordable DIYs (Do It Yourselfs) that will be sure to make your significant other very happy.  

1. Mixtape

Whether it’s a list of songs you’ve compiled with them in mind or songs you’ve written yourself, this will be a gift your boyfriend or girlfriend could cherish for the rest of their life. And, in all honesty, who wouldn’t love a mixtape from someone they’re crazy about?

2. Handwritten Love Letter

Taking the time to write a handwritten love letter to your partner will mean so much to them

I would not recommend going with this idea if it is your first date.

3.  ‘First’ Pin Drop Heart

While there are many websites that say they’ll do it for you, this is a craft you can definitely do yourself. First, find the location of where you met; it can be your first kiss or another significant memory with your love. After finding the location on a map, print it out, cut it in a heart and frame it.

4. Hand-baked Treats

What’s better than a fresh cookie or brownie straight out of the oven? Nothing.

5.  Open When Letters

This is something that has been on sites like Pinterest for awhile. “Open When” letters are a variety of letters gifted to your significant other. Each one is labeled with something different like “Open When You’re Sad” or “Open When You Need to Laugh.”

Each letter will be a reminder to your girlfriend or boyfriend of how much you care about them every time they open one.

6. Song

Never underestimate the power of a love song. Whether you decide to write it yourself or sing a song already released, it will be sure to warm your significant other’s heart.

7.  Coffee Filter Roses

This is a creative gift perfect for your other half. It’s a low-cost DIY and looks beautiful as a finished project.

8. 52 Reasons Card Deck

On the first card, write something along the lines of “52 Reasons Why I Love You.” After this, go through the cards in the deck and write reasons why you love your girlfriend or boyfriend. You can be short and sweet designing the card deck, or you can be creative.

9. Poem

Taking the time to write a meaningful poem for your other half is a gift that cannot be replicated. A poem will be something personal to you both, and it will be a gift that will be treasured for years to come.   

With one of these gifts, you can throw the stress of wondering if your gift is good enough out the window. Any of these will be a gift your significant other is sure to love.