GS online Master of Accounting program ranked in top 25

Tara Bailey

The Georgia Southern University Online Master of Accounting program has ranked 24 in Master’s Program Guide’s top 50 online accounting degree programs for 2018.

The program, which is based on a 30-credit hour program to be completed in two years, was ranked based on four different components—affordability, user rating, flexibility/accessibility, and quality.

Dwight Sneathen, an associate professor in accounting, found that the program benefits students who want to work while getting their master’s degree.

“Many of our students move straight from their undergraduate course work into the Master of Accounting program,” Sneathen said. “Some students, after completing their undergraduate degree, head out into the workforce to start their careers. Our campus location can be a limitation for us in that situation.”

This program is intended to assist students who want to both work after receiving an undergraduate degree, while also going to school to receive their master’s.

The program hopes to provide a way for more students to be able to get their degree without having to go on campus.

“It is exciting to see our program recognized for its quality,” said Sneathen. “This is a by-product of the hard work the faculty have put in to support the program and provide an excellent academic experience for our students.”