GS Arabic Club to host weekly coffee hour

Christina McKinley

The Arabic Club will be hosting an Arabic Coffee Hour in the Forest Drive Building, Room 1227, on Feb. 14.

The event is held every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. with its goal being to learn about Arabic culture, make new friends, practice Arabic and drink coffee.

“We are holding this event to show [Arabic] culture,” Arabic Club coordinator Faisal Alotaibi said. “We encourage students to attend so that they can have a better understanding about the language and the culture as well.”

Students like William Kendrick, sophomore chemistry major, see Arabic Coffee Hour as an opportunity to learn.

“It would be a good way for me to learn about a culture that I don’t really know much about,” he said.

To find out more information about this event and the Arabic Club, go to @GSUArabicClub.