One More Time

I was a football cheerleader for over ten years. There’s at least ten games in a season, which means I have cheered for over a hundred games, not including pep rallies, parades and appearances. My senior year I won the superlative for most spirited. School spirit runs through my veins. Therefore, it was disheartening to see the crowd reaction after halftime of my first Georgia Southern home football game.

Now I understand that our football record is not exactly the greatest, and we are currently ranked one of the worst (if not the worst) teams in the NCAA right now. However, I do not think that is a substantial enough reason to completely give up on the team and just leave. We have to appreciate and understand all the hard work the team puts in off the field that we don’t get to see. The team has morning workouts, treatments, meetings at random times in the day, and ridiculously long practices. Plus, they have to deal with the physical pain of having huge forces tackle you continuously, and the disappointment of knowing majority of your university has minimal support and no faith in you. There is a lot physical, mental and emotional stress that comes with the jersey. And I know what you are thinking, “If they are doing all that, then there should be some positive results!” Yes, I agree. Unfortunately, there are more implications to it, such as coaching *cough cough*, the opponent’s strength and skill, and here comes a shocker… CROWD SUPPORT!

People naturally do better when they are rewarded, praised, or encouraged. For instance, I strive to make good grades because of my future, but it is more exciting when I call my family and say, “Oh my gosh! I just made an ‘A’ on my midterm!” Their support, praises, and encouraging words give me more joy than knowing I have another “A” to put in the books, that will still get me the same degree as the person barely passing. Their excitement motivates me to work harder. So why would our football team want to work their cleats off for a crowd that ghosts and trash talks at the mere sight of a little adversity in the game?

I am by no means making excuses for our football team, and you do not have to agree. I am aware that some of the players are just arrogant little boys taking advantage of their scholarships, and they could not care less about winning; however, majority of them are working extremely hard and just trying to be great and play the sport they love. I want to watch a winning team just as much as the next Eagle, but I will support our team regardless… win or lose. Someone has to. Therefore, go eagles! Just give it all you got boys and keep trying. ONE MORE TIME!