“Fire Summers” protest takes place at Sweetheart Circle

Mikhael Tomlinson

A student led public protest, calling of the firing of Georgia Southern University football coach Tyson Summers, has been scheduled to take place at 4 p.m. at Sweetheart Circle.

The protest was organized by GS student Ty Edge.

“It was planned because we went from being the #1 rushing offense in the nation to the worst team in the nation in only two years,” Edge said. “Georgia Southern should never be this bad at football.”

Still without a win this season, Eagle nation has gradually began calling for the firing/resignation of Summers since the first loss to the Auburn Tigers on social media.

It is currently unclear of how Athletic Director, Tom Kleinlein plans to either keep or fire Tyson Summers for the remaining seven games of the season.

According to the spokesperson for the protest, they plan to be out there every Monday until GS wins a game. 

Matthew Enfinger contributed to this report.