Women’s Soccer falls in the rain

Kaitlin Sells

On Friday night the Georgia Southern women’s soccer team lost 4-0 to the University of South Alabama, but not under typical circumstances.

With about five minutes left in the first half it started pouring rain, leaving about an inch and a half of water on the field and making it almost unplayable.

“We were spot on, doing exactly what we wanted to be doing in the first half,” GS head coach Brain Dunleavy said. “The field was unplayable, and it turned basically into who could kick it the furthest, run the fastest, and then just try to kick it into the net. There wasn’t soccer being played.”

First Half

The Eagles dominated the first half, outshooting the Jaguars 8-2, having two dangerous corners, controlling most of the possession. The Eagles were on an offensive attack the entire first half, forcing USA to tighten up their back and play defensively, showing by the stats of them only getting two shots off in the first half.

The game was still at a 0-0 standstill when the rain started to pour in the 40th minute and continued until the half ended. The Eagles trudged into the locker room at halftime soaked, but feeling confident.

“Going forward we were a threat,” Dunleavy said. “I think we just needed to adjust a couple of things in the attack.”

Second Half

Coming out to play the second half was difficult for both teams. The rain had lightened up, but trying to get a feel for the wet field (now covered with over an inch of water) and a slick ball was proving to be an unfavorable task. Players for the Eagles and the Jaguars both struggled to make a pass go farther than five yards and to keep their feet.

It soon turned into a game of kickball – ball control and finesse were out the door. The game quickly turned into who can kick the hardest and the farthest, as shown by the goals scored for the Jaguars. The goals were scored in the 45th minute by Tina Trutsu, the 63rd minute by Briana Morris, and two goals scored by Rio Hardy in the 78th and 85th minutes.


The Eagles had the skill and the finesse to win this game, but mother nature was not on their side. The turning point of the game was definitely the rain transforming the field into a swimming pool, making passes, touches, and playing almost impossible.

Although this was a disappointing loss for them, the Eagles aren’t letting this bring them down.

“I just want to bounce back,” Dunleavy said. “The games come fast and furious here so you got to have a short-term memory. Take away the positives – which there were a ton of in the first half – and in the second half there really wasn’t anything to be played so nothing we can take away from that.”

Sunday bounce back

The Eagles moved to 4-6-1 on Sunday afternoon when they beat Arkansas State, 2-1, with two first-half goals from sophomore forward Frida Brattum.

The next matchup for the Eagles will be on the road to play Appalachian State on their home turf Friday, Oct. 6 at 7:00 PM.