Last day for students to withdraw is drawing near

Branyan Towe

Tuesday, Oct. 16 2017 is the last day for students to withdraw from classes without academic penalty for the fall semester.

The university’s current policy states that undergraduate students receive a maximum of five withdrawals during their academic career at Georgia Southern University. It should also be noted that withdrawals from other institutions do not count towards this maximum.

Transfer students, regardless of classification upon enrollment at GS, are limited to five withdrawals as well.

For students that have already reached the maximum amount of withdrawals, there is an option to receive a “withdrawal-failing” (WF) grade in the course. This is considered an “F” in the course for GPA purposes.

Any student who attempts to withdraw from a class without permission from the dean of their respective college will remain in course and receive a grade at the end of the semester.

There are exceptions to the withdrawal policy, depending on an individual student’s situation. For more details, please visit