“It’s on Us” week arrives at GS

Jade Gay

“It’s on us week” is a week of programs amid at preventing sexual assault on college campuses. This program was launched in 2014 by the white house in an effort to prevent sexual assault on college campuses by asking students to change their own attitudes and practice bystander intervention.

“Ultimately, we would like every student to actively practice bystander intervention. Bystander intervention refers to noticing when a sexual assault is about to occur and stepping in to stop it,” Gemma Skuraton, Georgia Southern’s health promotions coordinator, said.

Schedule of Events

The week of Oct. 24-26, Georgia Southern University will have events dedicated to the “It’s on us” campaign.

On Tuesday Oct. 24, Georgia southern held the “Commit to Consent” rally at the Russell Union rotunda from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This event was to help educate students on the actual definition of consent.

On Wednesday Oct. 25 College football Hall of Fame and former NFL player Don McPherson will speak in the Russell Union Ballroom at 7 p.m.

As a current member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), McPherson will bring “it’s on us week” to GS by using the power and appeal of sports to address complex social justice issues.

On Thursday, Oct. 26 the “It’s on us week” will conclude with “Day for Survivors” in the Russell Union from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Its focus is on advocating for sexual assault survivors, marketing sexual assault prevention resources as well as providing a space for survivors to reclaim and tell their stories.