Comedian Ronnie Jordan makes fun of college life


By Emily Smith, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Comedian Ronnie Jordan drew a huge crowd in the Ogeechee Theater on September 16. It is evident that the Armstrong student body appreciates a good laugh considering there were even more people at this event than the last comedy show with comedian Landry.

The Campus Union Board provided pizza for attendees as well.

Jordan, a Southwest Atlanta native, is now on a college tour, but he is no stranger to the spotlight. He was crowned “Rookie of the Year” in 2001 by Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta,Ga and has also shared concert dates with notable comedians such as Dave Chappelle. He also light-heartedly talked about performing for troops in Japan. “Japan is not for fat people at all. I was the biggest in the country,” he joked.

The audience took to Ronnie Jordan’s humor because it was mainly centered on college life and other relatable topics. He poked fun at Armstrong’s name change, roommate woes, and school lunches. However, some audience members didn’t know how to react to his commentary on rape, special needs classes, lesbian softball players, and the role of “black daddies” in America. To the appalled reactions from the audience, Jordan said, “If you’re offended, that means you’re stupid. Just saying.”

Overall, most students would agree that the jokes were all in good fun and enjoyed the show. “He seemed really awesome and laid back,” Sophomore Psychology major Mickey Green said.

Ronnie closed the show by performing funny remixes of songs that can be found on his new mixtape. The crowd was particularly fond of the song “My Dinner” in which Jordan had the audience help him sing, making the performance fun and interactive. He also serenaded a honey bun. “It was super funny, he made it seem real,” Nursing major Ashley Allen said.

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