Savannah’s fourth annual Hair Extravaganza motivates all to embrace natural beauty

Takia Black, Staff Writer

The 4th Annual Natural Hair Extravaganza encouraged the community to embrace natural beauty September 20th. The expo educated attendees by offering beauty demonstrations, stylist showcases, and sampling of natural hair and skincare products. A runway show and a performance were highlights of the afternoon, as well as various vendor workshops and giveaways. The extravaganza was intended to promote awareness of natural hair care.  Attendees learned about care, color, and why natural hair salons are important.

“I sampled a lot,” Armstrong student, Sheila Armand said. “There is a lot to get from the vendors. They gave me important information about my hair and my heritage.” The expo was filled with local business owners and outsiders alike. One particularly familiar face was actress Tanya Wright from the series “Orange is The New Black.” Promoting her book, titled “I Found God in My Hair”, she shared her hair story for all girls who wear their hair naturally. She claims that her hair acceptance journey helped her get closer to God in pursing her own patience and uniqueness.

“Instead of being frustrated by my hair, how can I cultivate the love for it?” Wright said.

Overall, the vendors expressed the same message of embracing one’s own natural beauty. Through their valuable information and product samples, they aided people of all ethnicities on their natural beauty journey.

The Annual Hair Extravaganza also partnered with Halo Inc., to provide hearing aids to those without health insurance or financial stability. Ten percent of the proceeds from the event went to this non-profit organization. The extravaganza believes in reciprocating the support that they have received from the community. Both organizations came together for more than one cause, and residents of Savannah left with the tools and knowledge needed to embrace their natural hair.