Georgia Southern campus to reopen Friday following Hurricane Irma

 Photo by Julia Fechter

Matthew Enfinger

The Georgia Southern University campus survived Irma with minor damages and will resume normal business operations on Friday, Sept. 15 with classes beginning on Monday, Sept. 18 according to an Eagle Alert sent out this morning.

Although campus will be opened, GS encourages students to return to their residents halls after noon on Sept. 15.

According to an email by Jennifer Wise, director of communications,“Per Peter Bluetreich, executive director of University Housing, ‘We are not encouraging students to their residence halls return prior to Friday due to the lower levels of service during the campus closure.”

Damages to GS campus:

GS did not sustain any major physical or environmental damage from Irma however some facilities did experience water intrusion from heavy winds and rain said Wise.

Minor damage and debris has been found in terms of trees and/or tree limbs.

Approximately three to four trees, one located in Sweetheart Circle, are being removed after being examined by GS arborist and were deemed hazardous, according to Wise. The University is also cutting down other damaged branches.

The mass power loss that occurred on campus during the storm has not caused any issues with campus mechanical equipment.

GS warns students that there may still be debris on walkways and around campus as well as some traffic lights out in the Statesboro area.

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