Savannah Bazaar celebrates one year anniversary

By Emily Smith, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Savannah Bazaar celebrated its one year anniversary on the Sept. 20 at The Southern Pine Company. Despite the cloudy weather, regulars and newcomers alike came to support the marketplace’s milestone. Vendors, live music, and Screamin’ Mimi’s pizza made for a celebratory afternoon.

The Bazaar is a marketplace for local artists to showcase their talents and homemade products to the community. Local vendors offer a variety of creative, handmade products including original art of all kinds, delicious food, all natural soaps, jewelry, locally made shirts, plants, live painting, poetry, and so much more. “We really want to create a hub for music and art in the Savannah community. We want to be on the map,” Opty Mystic Vibrations owner and public health major, Alan Wood said.

Jon Taylor, owner of Vinyl Vases, makes plant holders out of old music records. The pieces are strikingly decorated and one would not guess that he recycled records to make the product. He spoke highly of the Bazaar and its reputation for honest people and genuine atmosphere. “I’ll come with nothing in my pocket and leave with stuff and trades,” Taylor said. He also noted that the other friendly vendors would help his customers if he were to wander away from his table.

Not only does the monthly event support local artists, but it increases networking and collaboration within the Savannah community. Brainiacs CEO, PJ Sheffield and Operations Manager, Scruffy, have been getting the word out about the new ten acre venue in Statesboro, Ga. He claims that half of the people that show up to Brainiacs are from Statesboro, and the other half are from Savannah due to its central location. “Bazaar has been great for networking,” Sheffield said.

The local three piece instrumental rock group, Culture Vulture, created a unique ambiance for the final hour of the event with their live music. People listened, danced, and chatted as the anniversary came to a close.

Although the Savannah Bazaar has already made the community proud, there is more to come in the near future. Painting classes, archery, and more regular promotion opportunities are in the works. Bazaar hit the ground running and grew significantly in the past year, but it is still building up to its full potential. The event is always in need of new vendors, attendees, and volunteers. Keep an eye on this booming talent and collaboration movement because it is quickly making a name for itself in Savannah.