Office of Student Accounts offer students monetary advice

Isaac Taylor

The Office of Student Accounts is housed in Deal Hall. Here, in addition to Financial Aid Services, students can seek monetary advice.

Flyers pertaining to debt, loans and financial aid counseling are free and available to the public. Paying off fees and tuition on time is heavily stressed by The Office of Student Accounts.

“You can either come in the office and pay with cash or check or you can pay online with a debit or credit card,” Naiya Baker, student assistant in the Office of Student Accounts, said.

Financial aid can also be used to pay tuition, Baker said.

To help with expenses, some students work on or off campus. There is a right and wrong way to schedule work and classes Baker said. She urged students to refrain from overworking themselves.

“Get your homework done before you go to work,” Sarah Walker, senior geology major, said. “Make sure it’s done a couple days before it’s actually due.”

As a result of experience, Walker would encourage students to cook at home instead of eat out and keep track of their credit.

“Don’t get a credit card until you’re ready to pay it off every month and just keep an eye on how much you’re actually taking out in loans,” Walker saod. “It’s really easy to just click that accept all button for the loans that the school gives you, but make sure you’re paying attention to how much that is.”

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