Organization Spotlight: Southern Leaders

Lindsay Futch

With classes in full swing here at Georgia Southern, it is time to get in the groove of things and join new organizations here on campus. With over 300 organizations on our college campus, there is bound to be one that satisfies your needs.

This week’s organization spotlight is Southern Leaders. According to the Georgia Southern website, “Southern Leaders is a leadership program designed to engage students in an interactive leadership experience throughout their college career.”

Ashlan Lannon joined Southern Leaders after her sorority sister recommended she get involved with a leadership organization and she says there are so many benefits of joining this organization.

“I think this organization will have an impact on my life after my four years here at college. Having a good sense of leadership and how to interact with different people is an essential life skill. I personally just thought this would be a good interest for myself to go ahead and get involved with,” Lannon said.

Throughout the semester, Southern Leaders engage with the community by doing community service projects, taking leadership courses, attending the Southern Collegiate Leadership Conference, and developing sustainable projects through their Leadership Legacy Project; leaving a huge impact on the Georgia Southern campus and the Statesboro community in just four years.

But Southern Leaders hasn’t impacted just the local community, it has impacted the lives of each individual involved with this organization.

“For me it’s another way to meet more people than just college kids who are in Greek Life. I get to branch out and meet all of these new people who I might have not met without the Southern Leaders program, all while developing my own style of leadership,” Lannon said.

Southern Leaders is considered one of the most prestigious programs at Georgia Southern. Members of the organization receive a Leadership & Service seal on their diploma. Despite sounding so intimidating, Lannon highly recommends for anyone to join.

To learn more about Southern Leaders and to see examples of the Leadership Legacy Project, stop by the Russell Union.